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Maintain your lawn’s pristine beauty with the unparalleled expertise of Hernandez Lawnscape. We are experts in professional lawn care in Baton Rouge, LA, and we understand that a healthy, vibrant lawn is the foundation of your property’s curb appeal. That’s why we employ the latest techniques and practices to ensure your lawn stays stunning throughout the year.

Lawn care services in Baton Rouge require a tailored approach owing to the area’s unique climate and soil conditions. Our skilled team begins by thoroughly assessing your lawn to identify its specific needs, from soil health to pest control. We then craft a customized maintenance plan that includes regular mowing, fertilization, aeration, and weed control—all of which we perform with meticulous attention to detail.

Choosing Hernandez Lawnscape means entrusting your lawn to a team that cares deeply about the health and beauty of your outdoor spaces. 

Top Rated Lawn Maintenance in Baton Rouge

From residential to commercial, there is no lawn we can’t tame and transform into the envy of the entire neighborhood, thanks to Hernandez Lawnscape’s expert team of lawn care professionals! We pride ourselves on providing exceptional lawn maintenance in Baton Rouge and the surrounding area. For each and every one of our clients, we make sure to put our superior customer service at the forefront of everything we do. Regardless of the size of the job, we bring the same level of dedication, safety, and quality to our lawn care services, making us the Top Rated Local® lawn care company in Baton Rouge! 

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Benefits of Professional Lawn Care

We understand that the biggest factor keeping people from seeking out professional yard maintenance in Baton Rouge, LA, is the price. At Hernandez Lawnscape, we proudly offer the most affordable and fair rates in the area, and exceptional service is our standard. Beyond dealing with a friendly staff of experts, our lawn care services also provide tangible results to your yard that you just won’t get on your own. Some of the great benefits to professional lawn maintenance include:

  • Saves you valuable time so you can do the things you enjoy
  • Our knowledge provides consistency and improved yard health
  • Creating a more visually appealing aesthetic to your home
  • Increase the value of your house thanks to strong landscaping
  • Well-maintained grass improves the air quality around your property

Frequently Asked Questions – Lawn Care

  • What does your lawn care team do to reduce weeds in a yard?

    Part of our regular lawn care reduces weeds by mowing, hand-pulling, maintaining a dense grass cover by resodding or seeding, and applying natural or chemical herbicides can help manage weeds in your lawn.

  • Can you fix brown spots on my lawn?

    Our lawn care team is experienced in diagnosing and treating lawn issues like brown spots in grass. Common reasons include fungal diseases, pests, uneven watering, or pets, all of which can be addressed by our team.

  • Should I be concerned about thatch in my lawn?

    A thin layer of thatch can be beneficial, but excessive thatch (more than ½ inch) can impede water and nutrient absorption.

  • Do you offer lawn aeration?

    We offer lawn aeration to help promote healthier lawns by loosening compacted soil and allowing water, nutrients, and oxygen to penetrate more easily.

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With more than half a decade of experience, our expert team is dedicated to helping you love your outdoor space. If you don’t have a green thumb, or you simply don’t have the time to dedicate to ensuring your yard is perfectly manicured, we love the work we do and we guarantee you’ll love the professional lawn care and landscaping we provide in Baton Rouge!

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Whether you are a residential customer who needs a weekly lawn mowing, or a commercial client who needs regular maintenance. We have you covered!

"I approached Mr. Hernandez several years ago (2014?) whenever I saw the detailed work he was doing at my neighbor's house. After talking with him for just a minute, I felt confident that his business was right for me. Since that day, he has been maintaining my lawn and my grandmother's, and a couple of years ago he began maintaining my parents' property, as well. ... I could not be more pleased with Hernandez Lawnscape. Excellent service all around...5 stars!"

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On top of having landscapers in Baton Rouge, LA, Hernandez Lawnscape also services Denham Springs and much of the surrounding areas. Unsure if we service your area? Give us a call and speak with one of our expert staff. They will be glad to check your address, and if you are in our area, schedule service for any of your lawn care needs!

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