The Best Types of Landscape Lighting for Outdoor Spaces

With the right lighting, your outdoor spaces can almost magically transform into a beautiful nightscape right before your eyes. But due to how many different landscape lighting options there are, it can be hard to choose the right one. To make sure you pick the best option that fits your yard, read on to learn about the best types of landscape lighting for outdoor spaces.

Uplights and Downlights

Uplights and downlights are both considered spotlights, designed to draw attention to an area, usually creating highlights, intense shadowing, or silhouettes. Either way, you must think about what kind of effect you want to create, as uplights will cast lights toward the ceiling, and downlights will cast toward the ground. One of the most popular uses for uplights is to cast dramatic shadows against trees or other long and tall structures. On the other hand, popular uses for downlights are usually to highlight structures you want to bring attention to, such as an entryway.

Path and Area Lights

Path and area lights brighten paths, walkways, and other areas for safe passing. Area lights will illuminate the surrounding area, whereas path lights will typically direct light downwards onto the walkway. If you want to highlight a beautiful stone path, path lights are the best option. Area lights are more suited for highlighting garden fixtures or gathering areas like firepits.

Step Lights and Hardscape Lights

At night, steps can be pretty significant tripping hazards without the right lighting. You can install step lights into the riser of the stairs to illuminate the tread (the flat horizontal part of the steps). However, step lights can also work well on sidewalls to illuminate multiple steps or a whole staircase at once.

Hardscape lights are similar in the sense that you build them into the hard materials of an outdoor space. You may see hardscape lighting in walls, fireplaces, or overhangs that create discrete and subtle floodlighting on chosen surfaces.

While there are undoubtedly many more lights to choose from, these are some of the best types of landscape lighting for outdoor spaces that will undoubtedly bring beauty to any yard or outside area. If you know what lights you want and where you want them, Hernandez Lawnscape can install outdoor garden lighting in Baton Rouge, LA, for you to bring your lighting dreams to life.

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