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Weeds are considered the number one agricultural pest in Louisiana, rising well above insects and animals, and here in Baton Rouge, we’re no exception. Crabgrass, sedges, and chickweed are some of the most common and aggressive weeds that occur in residential lawns. And while some weeds may even look nice with the occasional colorful bloom, make no mistake—once they’ve taken root, they can seem almost impossible to get rid of. That’s why even the most experienced of green thumbs need the occasional weed control service. But why exactly are weeds so terrible for residential lawns?

Other than how they make your yard look, weeds compete against your lawn for light, water, and nutrition, and they’ll often win. This causes the surrounding areas to die out rapidly. And it doesn’t just pose a problem for your grass; it will quickly become an issue for every other plant. In addition, wind and rain cause seeds to travel, and in certain seasons, invasive weeds can quickly overtake your whole yard. If you’re tired of fighting weeds or you want to get the jump on a blooming infestation, Hernandez Lawnscape can provide you with professional weed control services.

Why turn to the pros? If not taken care of properly, weeds can come back repeatedly, no matter how much weed killer your spray or how many weeds you uproot. Often, the culprit is improper removal, and if you leave behind bits of the root, they’ll grow right back. Because of this, you can’t just rely on any weed control service. Instead, you need experienced workers who know the ins and outs of landscaping weed removal and care about the upkeep and quality of your lawn like you do. And with how much your lawn can make or break the cosmetic appeal of your home, no one should have to put up with anything less than green, even, and beautiful turf.

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"I approached Mr. Hernandez several years ago (2014?) whenever I saw the detailed work he was doing at my neighbor's house. After talking with him for just a minute, I felt confident that his business was right for me. Since that day, he has been maintaining my lawn and my grandmother's, and a couple of years ago he began maintaining my parents' property, as well. ... I could not be more pleased with Hernandez Lawnscape. Excellent service all around...5 stars!"

Jamie W.

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